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Licenses Activation

To help you address security for
licenses activation, we provide:

  • Activation Policy Review
  • New Activation Policy

Please download CJSecuSoft PDF file for more information.

CJSecuSoft Consulting Program because only software protectors are not enough...

With 9 years of experience in field of software protection and activation, this consulting program is brought to you to safeguard your applications against piracy.

Please download a complete brief (PDF).

About CJSecuSoft Consulting Program

The aim of this program is to provide a different solution to one of the most common drawbacks that developers suffer from: Software Piracy.

While the majority of available protection tools are focused on enhancing the security by protecting executable files (EXE, SYS, DLL, etc.), introducing safety at the stage of software development is our priority. In result, we strongly believe that there is no reliable protection if an anti-piracy model is not conceived on the basis of computer applications programming.

We seriously commit to enriching the security of our clients' applications by strictly following these steps:

  • Analising their current protection schemes.
  • Identifying potential security holes that must be removed or fixed.
  • Enhancing their security models or designing a new strategy.
  • Elaborating reports based on previous steps.
  • Providing source code for the required programming language.
  • Supplying full-explained examples for a more appropriate comprehension.
  • Elaborating and dispensing a complete documentation.

Thus, our clients can reuse the source code we provide them with so as to strengthen both security and anti-cracking techniques to protect their software.

Characteristics of the CJSecuSoft Consulting Program

This program helps developers to enforce the design of their products by integrating anti-cracking techniques directly into source code. Hence, we guarantee that the number of both illegal copies and unlicensed registration keys will considerably decrease once our program is put into practise.

Being a versatile consulting program that can be designed for both 32 and 64 bits operating systems like Windows XP and Vista, CJSecuSoft-based solutions can also be adapted to several programming languages such as C++, VC++, .NET: C#, VC++, VB.

Additionally, all of our customers are entitled to:

  • receive the entire source code to be implemented as part of their applications.
  • free reuse of the code we provide them with.
  • modify or adapt the source code if it is necessary.
  • free life-time support for enquires.

Because this program has been designed to satisfy unique needs, a specific price cannot be set as it depends on the particular requirements of our customers. So please do not hesitate to contact us to let us know your particular demands and to enquire about costs. We will be eager to help you achieve your needs because your success is also ours.

New Technologies

Whether incorporating CJSoftLab’s layered defence security portfolio or introducing new technologies such as encryption or obfuscation tools, software protectors, cryptographic algorithms, etc., we can help you securely introduce these new technologies and more.

Custom Requirements

And if you do not find a service which addresses issues that you currently face, we customize security services to meet your many security challenges.

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