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new CJSecuSoft Consulting Program is a different solution against software piracy.

new CJ AutoTweeter v1.70. Erroneous Twitter responses are discarded.

CJ AutoTweeter v1.60 supports new API key lengths.

CJ AutoTweeter v1.50 is ready and allows for the configuration of your own Twitter credentials.

new CJ SMS Sender v1.50 is now available and contains several functional and GUI improvements.

CJ AutoTweeter v1.40 has been released and supports compatibility with the new Twitter REST API v1.1.

New Product: CJ AutoTweeter v1.2. Twitter automation software: Send automatic tweets and find hundreds of users to be followed.

Wireless Blue Sender v3.10 has been released. Expired promotions minor error has been fixed.

New Product: CJ SMS Sender v1.40. Send SMS messages rapidly and directly from your PC.

Wireless Blue Sender v3.00 has been released and now supports graphical reports (pie, 3D bar charts), QRCode wizard and many more features.

Wireless Blue Sender v2.80 has been released. Once again awarded 5 starts and supportnig a huge number of new features, Wireless Blue Sender has turned into an unbeatable solution for Bluetooth Marketing.

CJSecuSoft Consulting Program
9 years of reverse engineering experience brought to you to help you protect your applications.new

Purchase Twitter automation, CJ SMS and Bluetooth marketing software

  • Free upgrades to all released versions for one year
  • Free support (Including registration, data lost, etc.)
  • Licenses are non-transferable and you need one license per each computer running any product
  • One-year license

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Wireless Blue Sender v $ $ $ $ $
CJ SMS Sender v $ $ $ $ $
CJ AutoTweeter v $ $ $ $ $

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